43,500,000.00 THB

Pratumnak 5 Bedroom Pool Villa on 1 Rai Land

(V121) This amazing property is located in Pratumnak 800 meters from the beach. Pratumnak Beach in South Pattaya is located in one of little bays between Pattaya and Jomtien. One big plus of this beach is that there is a well maintained footpath, the path links the beaches of Pattaya Park and Dongtang and connect the way to Jomtien Beach. Pratumnak Beach is one of the best beaches for children, there is room for them to run and play. It is not difficult to find food and drink on the beaches in Pattaya, so Pratumnak Beach is no different, you see everywhere the usual stalls that selling drinks and (Thai) food. It is called the royal area because Thailand’s royal family has private beach front property there, also meaning extra secured by the government.

This amazing property have a walled around land size from 1 rai or 1,600 sqm (389.7 Talang wah). The villa has 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. The property has actually inside the walls 2 houses (1 bungalow and 1 large villa) and a large Swimming pool and a garden space.

The price for the villa came down from 60,000,000.00 THB to now only the price of the land and that is 43,500,000.00 THB with no further discount for the buyer. In this price is included the transfer tax but it comes unfurnished, only the built in furniture, fully equipped bathrooms and air-conditioning’s are provided.

Present outside pictures:

Present inside pictures:

Our promotion title “Buy the land, get the villa for free” is not a selling tool but really backed up by official land prices in the same Pratumnak area with some samples here:

66 Wah² or 264 sqm 6,400,000.00 THB, 24,242.00 THB/sqm

100 Wah² or 400 sqm 10,000,000.00 THB, 25,000.00 THB/sqm

168 Wah² or 672 sqm 18,900,000.00 THB, 27,182.00 THB/sqm

Sold excluded transfer taxes without any villa (Source is Thaiproperty.net).

Our offer:

389.7 Talang Wah or 1556 sqm, 43,500,000.00 THB, 27,956.00 THB/sqm

Sold included transfer taxes with a 5 Bedroom Pool Villa.

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